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Reiden Group Lending offers short-term financing for real estate investors. Our Fix & Flip product offers 12-18 month terms with loan amounts from $75K to $3MM and can be used for the purchase or refinance of your investment properties.

We specialize in creating programs specific to our clientele, offering financing and credit facilities directly correlated to levels of experience and expertise. These options are available to the first-time developer as well as professionals with multiple projects completed.

5 Top Options for Real Estate Investors for Fix ‘n’ Flips and/or Fix ‘n’ Hold Loans:


For the First-Time Home Flippers

We have programs for you! Just keep in mind that this is risk-based pricing so our max leverage on your purchase will be 80% Loan to Cost and your max Reno budget will be 90% Loan to Cost as long as the total loan amount does not exceed 70% of After Renovated Value (ARV).


For those Experienced Home Flippers

For those of you that are already experienced in flipping homes, you will have more options and a lot more flexibility when it comes to financing. With a track record that shows you can manage to turn a profit and are able to pay back your loans, and you have completed at least 4 projects, we will leverage your Fix n Flip’s up to 90% Loan to Cost on the purchase and up to 100% of Renovation Costs as long as the ARV is 75% or lower.


Flippers with a $0 down

If you have completed a combination of 10 or more Fix n Flips and Rentals you are a Platinum Borrower. We will fund 90% of Acquisition, 100% of Reno Costs AND WE WILL PRE-FUND YOUR FIRST DRAW AT CLOSING! This means 0 Down!


Credit Facility

With a minimum FICO of 620 and a minimum liquid net worth of $50,000, we offer a Credit Facility that leverages your liquidity up to 10 x! Again, this is risk-based pricing but for example, if you have

  • 680 FICO
  • Have completed a combination of 7 or more Fix n Flips and or own rental properties
  • $100,000 verified Liquid Assets

We would offer you a $1,000,000 Credit Facility that would allow you to come to the table with just 10% down for the Acquisition and we fund the rest from your Credit Facility! No more credit underwriting! We only need an appraisal, reno budget and clear title and your project is funded!


Permanent Financing for both Single Rentals after Renovation or Permanent Financing for your Investment Portfolio with a minimum of 5 Rental Properties

We are offering Straight Rate and Term up to 90% Loan to Value as well as Cash-Out Refinances up to 75% Loan to Value

Rates in the High 5% to Mid 6%!

We want you as a client, let’s get started! Please call today or fill out our short application and a Private Banker will contact you shortly.